Hair Replacement Procedures

Hair replacement is also called as surgical hair transplants which involves removing small pieces of hair bearing area of the scalp and replacing them to the bald or thinning area of the scalp. In simple term it is a surgery that involves the removal of hair from certain area of head where there is lot of hair and replacing these hairs on the bald area. 

Hair replacement also involves non surgical techniques which is a great option for those who want to re again the appearance of head full of hair without any surgery. Different kind of hair prosthesis are made and produced for the consumers who really want to avoid the hair transplant surgery. These hair prosthesis are also called as hair piece. Hair piece is made of either polymers or mesh. Depending on the clients hair requirement, hair piece can be purchased. Hair Transplantation Methods Due to advancement in the technology, many hair transplant physicians are able to use different techniques to remove and transplant the large number of hair follicles. Currently there are two primary procedures preferred by many surgeons and physicians. They are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) This process involves the extraction of hair follicles by removing the small tissue from the back of the head or the area where hairs are dense. 

These hair follicles are harvested and then each hair follicle is individually transplanted to the desired or bald area of the head. Pros of using FUT 1. It is outpatient surgery hence most of the time patients can go back to the work next day. 2. Large area of baldness can be covered in a single or fewer settings. 2. Cost of transplant using this method is lower as compared to other methods. However cost may vary depending on the condition and needs of the patients. 3. Scar on the back of the head is so thin that it is almost invisible and after few weeks scar completely disappear as well. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) In this procedure, no tissue is required to be removed. Each follicular unit is taken directly from the scalp in a random way hence the person will not notice the reduced density of hair at certain part of the head. However there will be small punctured marks at the site of hair removal, these marks can be healed easily.

These hair follicles are harvested and then transplanted to the desired part of the head. Pros of using FUE 1. No scar and no stitches required, hence healing is faster than FUT. 2. Discomfort and pain is less as there is direct removal of tissue. 3. Recovery time is quicker than FUT hence patients can go to work next day as well. Conclusion It is critical to understand the requirement of your hair and objectives of each procedure from the physician before going ahead with any of the procedures.

Tips for a man to look beautiful

When men talk about style they generally only get into the aspects of shoes and clothes. They usually do not take into consideration that there are also different hair styles that are for them as well as women. Men are not aware that with a simple change in their hair cut can make the world of difference. Many people get a boost in their ego and self esteem when they have a new hair style. You will notice a difference in ones attitude when they have a new look.

Today men go with many different looks ranging from short classy looks to long shoulder length relaxed looks. You can go sophisticated or care free the choice it yours and with a bit of styling gel you can even go for an active style that is both young and hip. For the guy who likes to have medium length hair then you may want to go with the latest craze of having messy hair. This look is very simple to achieve and gives you that sexy look as if you just a woman run her fingers through your mane. The best way to get this look it to not run a comb or brush through your hair when you get out of the shower, simply just put some gel in and run your fingers through it.

If you do have longer hair you want to make sure that you keep it away from your face as you will tend to keep pushing it back, giving your hair a greasy look. This is not a good choice for those in professions such as law or medicine as it can get in the way and not let you look as professional as you like. If this is a style that you prefer then you may want to try out different looks where you can pull it back, neatly, giving you a clean fresh look while still letting you keep the long locks.

No matter what your hair style choice is, there are many styles to choose from so don’t worry about whether you like long or short, there is more then one style for you. Good places to look to find great styles that are hip and trendy are the celebrity magazines. The celebrities always have what is fashionable now and they often try many looks out with each style. This would give you a great way to see what you want before having to actually cut your hair or change your look.

There are also many programs that will allow you to upload a picture of yourself and then “try” hair styles out to see what you would look like. Then you don’t have to worry about having a bad hair cut as you will know ahead of time if it is the right look for you. Hair cutting places most always have different books and posters with the latest trends and fashions to help you make your choice and they would love to offer their advice. Remember if you don’t look good then they wont look good so they will give their best advice to make sure that you both get what you want.

About Jason

So this website is all my own creation. Ever since I got dumped by my girlfriend I decided that I wanted to take care of my hair and general appearance. So I started thinking if women can look after themselves with products and procedures then why can’t men? So I had a hair transplant and that made me feel better.

Next I want to concentrate on my clothes and styling. It’s all very well having good male grooming if your clothes are shabby and your shoes don’t match. So I am going to tray and improve all of these things in my life.